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Save Energy. Save Money. Teach them while they’re young.

August 1, 2010

With the summer months being some of the highest electric bills due to the air conditioners being run more often how about sharing with the family the June or July’s electric bill when no one was paying close attention to lights being off, everything being plugged in computers, lights, toasters, weather stripping on the doors so air and money doesn’t go out the door, long hot showers, clothes dryer  running often to dry beach towels.

First share some suggestions about what helps save energy and money and ask everyone what they would be willing to do to help. With this being a family focus it will get everyone involved in the saving process. Maybe let the kids know if they cut the bill they get to keep the difference. The goal is to keep everyone aware of how they can help make in a difference in the family bills and the environment. Hopefully after one month of paying attention and getting a little extra money the habit will stick.

They say it only takes 21 days to form a habit. Consider adding in a bonus if someone finds a new way for the family to save energy-lunch with mom or dad or an ice cream treat. Find what motivates your child.

Check out and your local electric company website for more ways to save this summer.

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