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What Would Happen If We Rephrased This Commom Question We All Ask Our Kids?

February 11, 2011

The question is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I read an article recently that addressed this question but it was more about how asking this question can cause stress and more pressure to kids.  I think we can all agree kids today have a lot more going on than we did-schools are  advanced a least one grade if not more and they certainly have a lot more choices about after school activites. Not to mention all the “Stuff” there brains have to look at and process, from TV’s to computers to video games, etc.

What I want to suggest is instead of asking “what they want TO BE”  ask  “what kind of business do they want to open.” I recently asked my 10 year old daughter what kind of business she  wanted to open and it was like the flood gates were opened. She had so many ideas she didn’t know which one she would enjoy best! I always tell my kids start with what you love to do and go from there. The ideas will come.

In case you’re wondering what some of her ideas were, she started with hers LOVES-cooking, singing and soccer.  She’s  leaning towards opening  a restaurant or a cooking school. She also wants to be the Next Food Network Star!  The conversation was hilarious and watching her eyes light up as her imagination blossomed was amazing!

Ask your child today and see what he/she says. You just may learn something about your child you didn’t know or find your families million dollar idea!

Share your stories with me! I’d love to hear them!

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