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12 Principles to Accumulating Wealth to Teach Your Kids

May 8, 2012

I found this list awhile ago(sorry it doesn’t say where it’s from and the web address is now invalid so I can’t give credit were credit is due)  and found it to be accurate after really study it and talking with my friends who are truly wealthy. Then I was thinking about how different my kids life would be if they learned this at an early age instead of in there 40’s like me, can you say AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT! I can already hear the difference in how my kids  talk and think when it comes to what they want for their lives. They are both much bigger thinkers than I ever was at their age(8 &11 yrs old).

Since it’s too much to type in one blog post I’ll give you 1 or 2 each post so you can really let it sink in and you’ll have all 12 in a few weeks.

1. ‘Think’ in Terms of Making Money

“You must understand that your thoughts are things and they very powerful things at that. Even if the reality is you’re struggling financially, never allow thoughts of poverty to occupy your mind. Fill your life with thoughts and actions consistent with a plan to make money. ”

Something that came to mind when I read this is when parents say to their kids “I can’t afford that.” That statement makes me crazy. It sends a message of lack, not enough, etc. Sometimes that may be the case but sometimes parents just don’t chose  to spend their money on whatever the item the child may want. I encourage parents to say instead “I don’t chose to spend my money on that right now.” Help them understand how one chooses to earn and spend money is a choice and they may choose something different when they are older.

I’d love for you comment and/or share your thoughts with me.

Cheers to living a life you love!


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