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Principles to Accumulating Wealth to Teach Your Kids 2 and 3 of 12

May 10, 2012

If you didn’t read my last post I’ll forgive you and get you up to speed. I’m writing about the 12 principles we need to learn and teach our kids at an early age to accumulate wealth. A lot of the time I’m learning this right along side my kids because I was never taught about money or how to think about money.  I’ll assume if you’re reading this you weren’t taught either.

#2 Decide to Make Money

The thought impulse called ‘decision’ is the forerunner to every action you take. When you say, “I’ve decided to get married…go a cheeseburger for dinner” then the appropriate action follows. The longer you wait to decide to make lots of money, and make a positive impact on the world the longer it will take you to make it. Indecision leads to self-doubt which can crystallizes into fear. Our fears will stop us cold. Decide today.

#3 Desire Money

This is not rocket science but essential to point out. Those that have money want money. They don’t have weird psychological stuff going on about how money is a bad thing or people with money are greedy or selfish.  Desire is what drives people to make money. If you don’t have the desire for money, then you will stop short every time.  The underlying message I tell my kids is the money you have the more people you can help.

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