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12 Principles to Accumulating Wealth to Share with your Kids 6 and 7 of 12

May 23, 2012

Hi there,

Are you ready for your next set of principles that can change your life and your child’s life, if shared early?

Principles 6 & 7 are next up

#6 Have a Definite Purpose, Be Clear on Goals 

There is a nothing more powerful than a mind that knows what it wants. Create goals that can be measured and make deadlines. The opportunities, circumstances, events and people will practically fall at your feet. If this has never happened to you, then it’s because you do not have clearly defined goals.   Your Purpose or Your Why will determine your success. If you don’t have a strong enough purpose or reason you’re doing something it won’t succeed. So think really hard about your Why/Purpose before you move ahead.

#7 Get Help

Two or more heads are definitely better than one. No one who has built a fortune has ever done it completely on their own ideas. Tap as many resources as you can think of to help you create and generate money. Read books, listen to audio tapes, get a coach, talk to experts and non experts. talk to your kids, parents, employees, etc. Ideas will start bubbling up once the conversations begins. Try it!

An example of this is when my daughter started thinking about how she could earn money this summer so she could buy a Mac computer. She asked me if I had any ideas and I said I think about it. She already has a recycling business and a cupcake business  she wants to do but she wanted  something else, computers aren’t cheap. The next week a wonderful gal who met me at a seminar asked if I could look at her business and see what I thought. Well it turned out she had a great wholesale jewelry connection and my daughter helped her Facetime with a new customers in NJ I introduced  her to and for helping her she gave her 25 pieces of jewelry  to sell. Well she is having a blast showing her friends all the bobbles and bling she has for sale.

Ask and you will receive.

Christine Douglas

Money Scholar founder Don’t forget to leave a comment. I love to hear from you.

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