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12 Principles to Accumulating Wealth to Share with Your Kids 8 & 9 of 12

May 24, 2012

Hi friends,

If this is your first post you’re reading from me then let me loop you in real quick. I’m listing 1 0r 2 principles every post so you have time to share with your kids & maybe even process them for yourself.  Since our culture isin a share info but  keep it short mode I aim to do just that.

Principle #8 Specialize

There are two kinds of knowledge: general and specific. General knowledge is great to have  but it won’t help build wealth unless you’re playing Jeopardy.  Decide what you love and are passionate about and learn as much specialized knowledge as you can about that topic. Specialized is the way to the green.

Principle #9 Persistence & Determination

Wealth accumulation requires that no matter what obstacles show up, you keep trying. Think about the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford. You know they didn’t get it right the first few thoudans times  but they achieved success because they did NOT quit.

Finish out the week strong and have a great long weekend!

I’d love to hear your comments so post one.

Christine Douglas

Making Money Matter

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  1. Carlette Colvin permalink
    May 24, 2012 10:44 pm

    Love this post. Please continue to send them. Thanks

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