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Back to School Shopping Tips

August 1, 2012

School supply shopping can be a stressful, expensive task as the new school year begins to role around. Hopefully, by keeping these small tips in mind, school shopping will become a lesson for the kids that will last a lifetime and become a less expensive trip.

1. Get Organized 

Make a list with your kids and go through the supplies needed. Decide which items are needs and which items are wants. Discuss priorities with your child of what is most needed and what can be lived without. Maybe set a budget for each child and let them shop with their list? This can teach your child organization, money managing, AND budgeting, very important skills for the future.

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Go through last years school supplies and see which items are left over or can be used again, such as good pencils, calculators, a backpack that is still in good condition, items that were not used last year, etc. This can save resources and money for the next shopping trip. Also go through and see which items can be donated or given to someone else who could use them.

3. Shop Early, Around, and Late

Around mid-July many products are sold below their actual price in order to reel customers in, so look out for the items you know you will need.  While shopping, keep your eyes open. School supplies can show up in different places such as craft stores, dollar stores, super markets or even eBay. Keep in mind that merchandise will all be marked down or on clearance about one week after school starts so waiting to stock up on the basics is a great idea.

Shop Smart and share any tips you have!

Christine Douglas

Money Scholar

Making Money Matter

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