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Give Back to Education

August 10, 2012

Many children throughout our nation are struggling in school, whether it is from the learning environment or the lack of materials needed to succeed. There are many ways several of us can take action to help better the lives of others in need.

1. Find a school near you in need of supplies and start a supply drive. Get your family, friends, neighbors, or school involved.  Some school dedicate and entire week to collecting supplies for a local elementary school. Each day students bring in certain items such as books, pencils, notebooks, toys, sports equipment, etc. and in return he or she receives a free dress day.

2. Take action by spending a few hours at a school in need of help. Some schools are over populated with students and do not have enough teachers or guidance. Many children need individual attention when trying to understand school work or completing his or her homework in a good learning environment. This can help better the students understanding of the material and make learning a lot less stressful.

3. Many businesses are also taking action to help children with school costs, so look into the opportunities these places offer. Target provides a school fundraising program where a percent of the purchase can be donated to a school of your choice. General Mills has a Box Tops program which encourages collecting Box Tops to save money for your school. Other companies such as Safeway and Office Depot also take part in a way that benefit schools and education. Local grocery storessuch as Fresh and Easy and Ralphs, donate to local schools based on how much you spend.

Spending a small portion of your time can change a student’s life. Education provides more opportunities and a sense of growth for a child’s well being. See how you can get involved and make a difference in everyone’s future.

What message are you sending to your kids about giving back to your community? Roll up your sleeves and get involved in your community.

Christine Douglas

Money Scholar

Making Money Matter

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